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We are . . .

Team of food lovers & designer who shares the same passion of making the difference to inspire others and become leader in food creativity & innovation.

Our manufacturing campus located in the heart of Thailand production district where persistent resources goes in and out . We designed every single product to utilised local resources to make sure we give direct support to Thai farmers. Our plant based products are designed to bring out the best core value of the raw material itself, to preserve the natural nutritions until it reaches consumers' hand. 

Our team hand-picked every single ingredient and carefully developed every process down to every single details. 
Every bite matters.

" Value the Originality "

- Food Incidence Co.,Ltd. -

Achievement & Awards


SMEs Start-up Award 2017

2nd Runner Up


7innovation Award 2018

Inventor Award

International Standard

Certified by third party INTERTEK for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) & Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) since 2016.

We keep up good internal work management and maintain high standard production services.

Our Manufacturing Campus also GREEN INDUSTRY certified. We care for environment as much as we care for our children.


Media & Press

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