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Frequently Ask  Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

How to start ?

You can start by filling in OEM Enquiry Form by clicking the link at the end of this page.

How much is the investment cost ?

You can separate the cost of investment into 2 main areas. 

1. Initial settlement cost : This is the one-time payment you have to make. It is the cost of R&D, Product Lab Test, Package Design Fee, Certified FDA, and etc.

2. Manufacturing Cost (ie. COGS) : This is the product cost. We will help to keep it as low as possible to leave higher profit margin that you can play around with.

Cost can varies from 6,000 - 200,000 Thb depending on your budget and requirements.

Product Development Process 

1. Project Scope : In this initial stage, we will get into deep discussion with customers on details and requirements of the products, project limitations, and target market. This process is very important and needs to be clear before starting the next step. 

2. R&D : We will start the first sampling test under given project framework given on the first stage. The cost of R&D starts at 6,500 THB/Sample.

3. Product Development : Once the first trial is done, we will set-up tasting, get your feedback, and develop it until you are happy and ready to launch. At this stage, we will guide you through packaging design & preparation to launch.

4. Get Certified : Once the product is settled, we will help you through registration and certification process. This includes applying for FDA, Nutrition Fact Lab Test, and etc.

5. Manufacturing : Final Steps! We manufactured your goods and now you're ready to put it on hard sale!

Manufacturing MOQ.

Minimum Order Quantity is quite hard to tell. It starts from 3,000 - 10,000 Pieces depend on various factor such as product type, packaging type, difficulties in the process, and cost.

Project Time Frame

Usually takes 8 - 18 Weeks depend on project difficulties and working pace.

Disclosure & Confidentiality

We take it to the highest level of importance to keep all of your product information confidential and not releasing to third party. We value originality and your idea like it is our own child. If you would like to secure by contract, we have it. 

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